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Where attention goes,

energy flows.



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Essentially, feng shui is all about getting in the flow. Are things going well in your life? At work? With your love life? Or, have you inadvertently created blockages or negative energy? Feng shui guidelines help you identify where things are stuck and offers solutions for getting things moving again.

The words feng shui, translated from Chinese, mean wind and water. (Mandarin pronunciation, fung shway and Cantonese pronunciation, feng shwee.) These words refer to the effects of both mother nature and man on our environment – literally and symbolically.

On a global scale, the effects of water produced the Grand Canyon; the effects of wind alter the Gobi Desert. On a local scale, the clear-cutting of trees by a developer impact the earth and those who occupy the resulting ground. On a retail scale, the way a storeowner arranges their fixtures and merchandise effects traffic and buying patterns.

On a residential scale, the arrangement of your furniture, your choices of color, and the personal or symbolic objects placed around you affect the feel and the energy of your space and ultimately your life.

Feng shui is about learning to identify those choices that harness the good energy or chi (also spelled ch’i or qi). Chi is defined as “energy force.” It is similar to prana which is defined in Sanskrit as “life force.” Americans casually refer to it as the “vibe” of a space.

But the remarkable thing about feng shui is you don’t have to believe in it for it to work. You just have to be open to trying something new.

Are you ready to get unstuck?


“Cheryl Taylor Bowie, The Feng Shui Lady has helped me on MANY occasions from selling a home, helping me to create an even flow/balance in my new home to helping my children and I to connect and bring closure to a farm after a horrible tragic event. Cheryl Taylor Bowie, The Feng Shui Lady will forever be a part of my life’s decisions.”


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