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A House Blessing Can Be A Simple Thing

by | May 7, 2020 | Feng Shui

Among many Catholics, house blessings are performed by the parish priest and have historically been a part of Louisiana tradition.

Everyone, no matter their faith, can perform a blessing of some type and often these happen without even thinking about it. When you send someone a plant or flowers as a housewarming gift or office grand opening gift, that is an act of blessing.

In the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, George and Mary Bailey present new homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Martini, three items with the following pronouncement: “Bread that this house my never know hunger. Salt, that life will always have flavor. And wine, so that joy and prosperity will reign forever.”

An American Indian tradition of encircling the exterior of a home with salt is done as a blessing and for protection, and ceremonies with tobacco sprinkled in the cardinal directions on the owner’s property are also used. Other items used in house blessings include uncooked rice, oranges or any type of citrus, candles, and incense.

“A house blessing is best done before you move into the home. In feng shui, we recommend sleeping on brand new sheets the first night you sleep in a new place of residence,” said feng shui consultant, Cheryl Bowie.

As a teenager, when we finally upgraded to a home large enough for our seven-person family, my father had us all stop in the entryway while he said a prayer of thanks. That made a powerful impression on all of us.

What ceremony will you create when you move into your next home or office?

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